GrandPerspective Universal Build

Today a new version of GrandPerspective has been released. GrandPerspective is a free tool which visualizes in a very innovative way which files on your hard disk take the most space. Eriban, the author of GrandPerspective, also updated the code to be Intel compatible. Unfortunately there is only a PowerPC version for download right now. Well - I hate running PowerPC programs on my Intel Mac.

It was easy to create an empty XCode project add the sources and Nibs to make an universal build. GrandPerspective Universal Download

Note: I only did a build of GrandPerspective. I’m not involved in any means in the development of GrandPerspective. Therefore I can not help with any bugs in there :)

(I’ve tried to reach Eriban to tell him about the universal build. Unfortunately I am unable to create a sourceforge account to leave a comment :(. If anyone knows the email address of Eriban please drop him a line.)

Update: I finally got an email from sourceforge and was able to send Eriban an email.

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