Too big for the Campus?

Apple Campus

I attended the WWDC conference the last years. Some things that did not change over the years were the quality of food and the fact that each year more and more enthusiasts came to San Francisco to get news from Apple.

On thursday of the conference week they put the attendees in buses to drive them to the Cupertino Apple campus. 10% of the attendees spent 3 hours to get into the company store to get a cool t-shirt while the rest enjoyed the food and drinks.

On this year’s WWDC it looks like things are changing. On the WWDC Events page you can read the following:

WWDC Bash in San Francisco Thursday, June 14, 2007
You’ve been hard at work all week, and now it’s time to unwind
and have some fun in downtown San Francisco.

Sounds like that the campus in cupertino is too small, or organization to complex for the large number of attendees.

What else could change at this year’s WWDC? The quality of food?

Update: Some thoughts about the change by Scott Stevenson.

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