Sofa Control Review

Sofa Control got a very nice review from MacsimumNews

We are very proud to get a 10 out of 10 from Dennis Sellers. Thanks!

… the included tutorial is one of the best-designed (and best looking) I’ve ever seen.

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No one want’s to read a manual. Therefore it’s important that the user builds up the knowledge to use an application in a minimum of time. The goal of Sofa Control’s tutorial was to introduce the application by using the application. The tutorial is done with Keynote and just a simple PDF which you navigate by using the remote control.

The tutorial is one thing. Beside that the application must be intuitive and well designed. Both are difficult things to do and we try to improve both with each new version.

2 Responses to “Sofa Control Review”

  1. Conal Says:

    In future versions of Sofa Control, can a script for DivX player be added?

  2. martin Says:

    Hi Conal,

    We plan to have support for DivX player in an upcoming minor version of Sofa Control. With a bit knowledge of AppleScript it’s also easy to add it for yourself and the needs you have.
    Check out our script tutorial.