Source Code

This page lists source code that I have developed and use in the CASE Apps applications.

License & Usage

You’re welcome to download and use the source. Any source which is downloadable from this site is released under the MIT License Agreement. If you use this code in your software please give credit to me in the about dialog of your product, your website or the documentation of the product.

Remote Control Wrapper

A library of classes to easily interact with the Apple Remote Control and other remote controls.

More Details… Download Remote Control Wrapper Source

Directory Services Wrapper

A Cocoa wrapper for the Directory Services framework. The wrapper consists of two Cocoa classes that make life easier when you want to access user information.

More Details… Download Directory Services Wrapper Source

Ant Automator Action

The Ant Automator Action takes a number of Ant build files and executes them. The output of the Automator Action are the generated files of any jar, war, ear, tar and zip commands in the Ant build file.

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More Details… Download Ant Automator Action Source